Tell me why…

I don’t blog more often. I was all excited to bore the world with my pseudo-intellectual ramblings and amusing stories that serve no purpose other than to stroke my own gigantic ego. And then *poof*…nothing. I think the longer I didn’t blog, the more pressure I put on myself to make it beyond all fabulousness. Well, screw it. It’s not like anyone’s reading this fucking thing. I’m just going to blog vomit whatever comes to mind whenever the mood strikes me. It doesn’t have to be The Iliad or Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, for chrissakes.

So here is a video that I cannot get out of my mind and the accompanying blurb I posted on my Facebook page some time back. Enjoy!

I had the original video posted but the sumbitches disabled embedding. The literal version is even funnier, so enjoy.

It doesn't get better than the combo of Perry's beak, Schon's fro, the mulletted keyboardist and the duo of porn staches. If you don't feel the synthesized fabulosity of this song and video deep down in your gooey cheesy soul, go ahead and de-friend me now. There is no room in my life for you and your soulless existence.