Suckling from the Electronic Teat

I wanted this blog to be a happy and funny place, which is why I haven't posted lately. I've been in a bitch ass mood for the past couple of weeks and I didn't want to pollute the universe with my funk.

So I've decided to focus on something that makes me happy: TV. I don't have the time nor the money to lead the fabulous and glamorous life I deserve. The next best thing is to watch ridonkulous amounts of television. May God/Yaweh/Allah/Hasselhoff bless the inventor of the DVR. It is the greatest piece of technology on the planet as it allows me to record hours of crap to watch when I get a few minutes to watch here and there. Of course half the time I end up falling asleep whilst watching and snort myself awake in the middle of something or other.

I'm at the exciting time of the year when I try to figure out what new shows to watch, what old shit to stop watching, and wrapping up the random summer shows I've been passing time with. This is also when I start longing for Lost and 24 to come back into my life sometime in January or February.

Along with countless hours of Spongebob mother fucking Squarepants, late night infomercials, and my long standing nightly love affair with Conan O'Brien, here is what my weekly DVR schedule looks like:

Mad Men

How I Met Your Mother
Gossip Girl

Hell's Kitchen
So You Think You Can Dance

New Adventures of Old Christine
Criminal Minds
Top Chef

Project Runway
The Office
30 Rock
The Mentalist

The Soup

Saturday Night Live

Mother Television has her grasp on me and apparently has no intention of letting me go. Heaven help me.