MJ Tribute from the Phillipines

The prisoners at a Phillipine prison made an internet splash a couple of years ago with their rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller. For some odd reason, dancing was introduced in the prison as a way to exercise on the inmates' road to rehabilitation. Check out the routine here:

Yesterday, the inmates staged another routine as a tribute to Michael and his legacy. This is so strange but at the same time oddly touching.

I don't know what kind of friggin' prison this is, but when I am eventually thrown in the pokey, I'm putting in my request to be sent to the Phillipines. Sure, it's a men's facility, but apparently I'm a thousand times more masculine than these cats.

RIP, Michael. You are still inspiring the masses to let their freak flags fly even in death.


Samsmama said...

There was a chic at the start of the first video. I'd say you have a shot of getting in.

Man, those inmates are dedicated! He's not even buried yet and they managed to throw that together? Talent.

Kari said...

That is so not a chick, at least in the vaginal sense of the word.

I wonder what they all did to get thrown in prison? None of them strike me as hard core criminals. I wish the American prison system would try that shit. I'd love to see Two Ton Tiny getting down.