I have received a fancy "I am really fucking awesome" blogger award thingy from the delightful Bev. I am supposed to tag 15 of my favorite bloggers and such. However, this week has been hell on wheels and I haven't carved out the time to do a proper job of honoring those who make me BOLLADS (bark out loud like a dying seal).

So I'm just going to give you a few things that have been stuck in my head lately until I can get a moment to do my homework. Some of these are old and some are new, but all make me laugh. Enjoy!

Margaret Cho always makes me cackle.

Who says romance is dead?

Sweet Jesus, do I love me some Gordon Ramsay.

I love Paget so much. She is one funny broad.

Chickens don't clap.

The Caaa...The Caaa...


Stuart said...

The ... the ... the cahhhh! The caaaaaahhhh!

God, I love AFCW. Thank you for that.

I have yet to watch the other clips, as I can never seem to get a quiet moment ...


Kari said...

I worship that movie. I make my husband speak faux Eye-talian to me every once in a while in honor of Otto.

The other clips might be a bit much all at once. One every month or so should do.

Quiet moment? What the fuck is that? I've never seen nor heard of such an elusive thing.

Samsmama said...

I had no idea Paget was funny! I only know her from Criminal Minds, which I love. And Gordon is the shiznit! Nobody delivers an insult like him. I miss Arrested Development tremendously. And Tenacious D? Now that's fuckin' teamwork!

Kari said...

Paget is a scream. Gawd, I love Criminal Minds! Between that and Harper's Island, I think we both have quite the violent streak to us. I dig me some disembowelment and such.

I worship at the chubby, hairy altar of the D.

\m/><\m/ <- That's my symbol for throwing up the devil horns.