Not for Nothing November - Part 14

I'm watching The Wizard of Oz and having the time of my life. This is the greatest movie of all time and I love it so much it hurts.

I totally believe that Dark Side of the Moon syncs up with Oz and I don't even get high.

For you know who.

Gotta love Family Guy.

Shout out to The Wiz!

Click here to see the Diva Off clip from my new favorite show of all time Glee, featuring Kurt and Rachel. The song is Defying Gravity, from the Broadway musical Wicked, which is based on The Wizard of Oz. It's all circular, man.

I would be remiss if I did not share with you a picture of my sweet Ally dressed as Dorothy for Halloween last year.


Samsmama said...

We watched Wizard of Oz last night and damn near got into a fight about it. Forgive me for not remembering they had to go get the witch's broom before they could go home! Sue a gal, it's been a bit since I watched it. BUT, do NOT debate me when I say that in the book the slippers were silver. Also, if Glenda knew all along that all she had to do was tap her heels, why not just tell her that from get go? Yes, we put too much thought into it.

Kari said...

I lived and died by the books when I was a kid, so I know the shoes were silver. Do I need to go upside someone's head on your behalf?

Glenda was a passive/aggressive manipulator who was trying to teach Dorothy a lesson by putting her in harm's way. Bitch needed an ass whuppin'.

Stuart said...

Dunno if you've seen this yet, but I diggit.

Also, even though I'm a guy of the male gender, I saw Wicked and it was the fucking awesome. Oh hell yes. And Galinda (that's how they spelled it) was a hilarious ditz. Good shit.