Not for Nothing November - Part 16

I was a bit sad yesterday so I didn't blog. Forgive me, please.

In order to combat the sadness, I would like to share something I love with you tall nerd crushes. Enjoy!

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

Hamish Linklater as Matthew Kimble from The New Adventures of Old Christine

Jerry Trainor as Spencer Shay from iCarly

My ultimate tall nerd crush, Conan mother loving O'Brien


Headphones Monkey said...

SHUT THE F UP about the iCarly dude! I dig him hard core, and the same with Hamish. I just love that name. And you don't even need to get me started on Jim Parsons. He could string my bean, if that even means anything.

Headphones Monkey said...

How could my dumb ass forget to mention that Conan is with a monkey and all full up of hot Writer's Strike bearded goodness?

Samsmama said...

We LOVE The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds. Majorly! In fact, Sam has Sheldon's shirt and hubby has a Green Lantern shirt. And Hamish? What's not to love about a guy that looks good in women's jeans?

Bev said...

Sorry you were sad!

I am with Headphones Monkey ALL. THE. WAY.

Love Hamish and the iCarly dude. In fact, I don't even mind letting my kid watch that crap b/c I sit and have impure thoughts about Spencer.