Not for Nothing November - Part 19

This blogging every day shit is getting to me. It's hard to find the time every day, hence the multiple blogs in one day.

I was watching The Silence of the Lambs for the trillionth time today and I was again astounded by how much I love it, especially the scenes with my man Buffalo Bill. Here are some random parodies and such.


Headphones Monkey said...

You know I love you. Dogs know I love you. People who don't speak English know I love you. The comatose now I love you. But I don't care how much I fricking love you, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER watch that movie. NEVER!

Samsmama said...

That movie rules! I noticed earlier that it was coming on but unfortunately couldn't watch it.

P.S. I think Headphones Monkey loves you, but I'm not sure.

Kari said...

Shannon, I match your love with an extra helping of love. I shan't ask you to watch the movie, but trust me when I tell you it will rock you sideways.

Smama, it was on regular television so all the good stuff was edited. "Would you filibuster me? I'd filibuster me. I'd filibuster me hard.