Not for Nothing November - Part 6

I'm tired but I can't sleep. I'd sleep but I'm too goddamned tired. The Sandman can kiss my exhausted non-sleeping ass crack. Here's some sleepy stuff for you.

Lily von Schtupp singing my theme song:


Headphones Monkey said...

Part 6 like Leonard Part 6. NICE!

I frakin' love "I Can Dream About You." 80s OHW glory, holla!

Samsmama said...

Seriously, your posts don't show up on my blogger dashboard! What the french, toast? Luckily I stalk your sweet ass. And since you showed up in comments lately, I wondered if you were about to post. HOORAY! You did! And I'm with Headphones Monkey (who I really need to check out, that name rocks), "I Can Dream About You" is a killer song! Moving sidewalks...LOVE IT!

Kari said...

Leonard Part 6. Bitch, I couldn't love you any more if you were slathered in Fluff and wrapped in bacon, boo.

Samsmama, you are my favoritest stalker ever! Please tell me why I'm not showing up. I swear I did what I thought I was supposed to do to be seen. Oh wait, I'm channeling Glen Close from Fatal Attraction.

I will not be ignored, Dan.

Fuck, I love that movie. And fuck, I love you too, Smama. May I shorten you to Smama?