Doin' it for December - Part 1

Just kidding. I don't have the testicular fortitude to blog every day in December. But I do promise to pop in more often than I did pre-November.

Anyhoo, I just had to share this precious note the lovely Peachlette stuck in my purse. The date is 11/19/09 which shows you how often I clean out my damned purse.


Shannon said...

June Cleaver can suck your left nut, which, ironically is a less dirty title than Leave It To Beaver.

Samsmama said...

Awww...that's about the cutest thing ever! Closest I've gotten is a picture Sam "drew" of me on the computer and it totally looks like I'm giving the finger.

Kari said...

Fuck June Cleaver. Fuck her right in her frilled apron.

Sam is a fantastic little artist. I'm still loving the picture of he did of you on waterskis/posing as a banana.