March Madness Parts 14- 31

So what have I been doing whilst ignoring my massive fan base for the past few weeks?

1] Had a birthday. Suck my wrinkled old ass, Father Time.

2] Turned in my application for fall graduation. This means that in December, at the tender age of 41, I will finally have my BBA in Management. 23 years for a 4 year degree...cripes.

3] I was eating chips yesterday and one fell down my shirt. I plucked it out of my bra and kept on eating. So there's that.

Look out April! Here I come!


Shannon said...

I think you've stumbled upon a million dollar food idea with your bra chip. You could call them Tater Ta-Tas.

Kari said...

You are a marketing genius, m'lady. I've actually thought about creating a bra with pockets to hold phones and keys and such. Y'know, since I keep all that and more in my bra on a daily basis. It's like Christmas when I unclothe at night because I'll find stuff I forgot I put in there.