Top Fifty - Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

We will now take a journey back to the late 60s, when Kenny Rogers was a member of the country folk band The First Edition but before he was the booze soaked, plastic surgery addicted Rotisserie King we all know and love. As always, when choosing my Top Fifty Favorite Songs, I opted for one song per artist. I have always worshiped Kenny, so this was an extremely difficult task. When he gets it right he can tell amazing stories ("Lucille", "Coward of the County", "The Gambler"). However, I will admit that when he gets it wrong, he sucks big hairy donkey balls ("Islands in the Mother Fucking Stream").

I've always liked "Just Dropped In" but its inclusion in the almighty "The Big Lebowski" officially sealed the deal. Now when I hear the song I have the urge to put on a ratty bathrobe, drink a Caucasian and go bowling. The Dude abides.

The original acid trip version:

The Lebowski acid trip version:


BeckEye said...

Wait, you're doing, like, the top 50 of EVER? That's hard. I nearly broke my brain trying to come up with my top 50 of the decade.

Also, does Kenny Rogers even write his own songs? I didn't think he did. So if you must blame someone for Islands in the Stream, blame Barry Gibb and his hairy chest. And kill me now because that song will be stuck in my head for the next two days. AND WE'LL RELY ON EACH OTHER...UH HUUUUUHHHHH....

Kari said...

It's not the top fifty best songs ever. That would kill me. These are the top song that mean something to me in one random way or another. I have notoriously bad taste in music, as evidenced by the inclusion of Rick Astley, for chrissakes.

I blame Barry Gibb for most things so it won't be a problem to blame Islands on him, too.

Great, now I'm singing Islands in the Stream and The Barry Gibb Talk Show theme from SNL at the same time. The remix from hell.

nerdmonkey75 said...

Pray to the almighty beard of Kenny Rogers

Kari said...

Shannon, I worship the almighty Bearded Magic on the daily, yo.