March Madness Part 2

Tuesday is RuPaul day in the Peach household. I am completely obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race. I mean, we've got gorgeous drag queens, fabulous costumes, hilarious challenges, my gay boyfriend Santino from Project Runway fame, and of course, the hostess with the mostest herself.

Oh, to be such an Amazonian goddess.

My favorite queen this season is Pandora Boxx, who is portraying Carol Channing in this "Snatch Game" challenge. Raspberries!


Speaking of obsessed, here is my official drag queen makeover, courtesy of The Dragulator. I put the fierce in fierce bitch, n'est ce pas?


Shannon said...

You better WORK fierce bitch! Do your thing on the runway. Nothing like being about 18 years too late on a reference. Next I'll call you Fonzie, aaaaayyyyy!

Samsmama said...

Did I ever tell you about the time I accidentally ended up dancing on stage with the headliner of a drag queen act? No? Huh. Thought I did.

Kari said...

@Shannon - I dig your relevant ass. Where's the beef?

@Smama - O M G-string, I fucking love you.