March Madness Part 3

We had a student driven campus clean up today at work called "Green Day". I was so proud of everyone who participated. They were so into it that I damned near got a bit teary eyed from their enthusiasm. The whole environmentally conscious thing reminded me of this bit of hilarity featuring none other than the inventor of the interwebz, Al Gore.


Samsmama said...

I want to take Kenneth out back and do bad things to him.

How did I beat Shannon here? Is she out tonight?

Shannon said...

Oh Samsmamma, you best watch yo'sef honey. Kenneth is mine. I just wanna muss that hair and wrinkle that page jacket.

Kari said...

@Smama - Firsties! I love Kenneth so much I want to take him behind a middle school and get him pregnant.

@Shannon - I may have to fight you over Kenneth. Something about those nostrils makes my panties hit the floor.